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Aretha Franklin/ Diana Ross

Friday, August 2nd, 1996

When I was young, ARETHA FRANKLIN and DIANA ROSS rep­re­sent­ed the two poles of women’s expe­ri­ence. Diana’s sweet, lyri­cal voice cel­e­brat­ed a woman’s capac­i­ty to aban­don her­self com­plete­ly to love. Aretha’s “Respect” was the ulti­mate expres­sion of a woman’s right­eous anger and self-respect. Now I see them both as present-day embod­i­ments of ancient God­dess­es, pro­ject­ing daz­zling images of beau­ty, pow­er, glam­our, self-pos­ses­sion, and grace. 

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Monet in the ’90’s: The Series Paintings

Monday, April 30th, 1990

In paint­ing after paint­ing, the earth moves and the water swoons and the sky tum­bles and all the blues and pinks and pur­ples and reds and oranges dis­solve into one. Earth and water come togeth­er, again and again, and explode in a sym­pho­ny of light and col­or and air.

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