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12th Annual Boston Drawing Show

Saturday, April 13th, 1991

GERRY BERG­STEIN’s draw­ings show scrib­bles, scrawls, cross­ings-out, angry re-work­ings, mark­ings of strug­gle and doubt. From this chaos of marks on paper emerge lumi­nous lit­tle still lives, marked by the process of decay: visions of a world in flux, where every­thing is chang­ing, grow­ing, liv­ing, dying, and being reborn. 

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Chuck Holtzman

Wednesday, November 7th, 1990

His sculp­ture is like a very sophis­ti­cat­ed game of musi­cal chairs, where all the pieces come togeth­er for a moment of per­fect, pre­car­i­ous bal­ance. In his draw­ings, the char­coal keeps on danc­ing, long after the music stops.

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