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Larissa Ponomarenko

Monday, July 1st, 1996

Ballet is all arti­fice; but she makes even the Snow Queen’s dazzling, deli­cate swirls seem easy and natural. From a distance, she seems fragile, ethe­real. But up close, you can see the muscles in her limbs, her graceful neck, her flex­ible spine. The years of dedi­ca­tion and disci­pline are sculpted onto her slender frame.

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Claude Le Lorrain

Tuesday, April 1st, 1980

CLAUDE LE LORRAIN depicts the moment just before trans­fig­u­ra­tion — the moment just before women turn into goddesses, or girls turn into swans, or life turns into art. His light is dusk and twilight — the dark­ling light that washes the phys­ical world in unearthly beauty and fills the heart with an intox­i­cating sense of possibility.

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